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Male-Extra Instant

Erection Pills for a Stronger Erection - Harder Erection - Firmer Erection

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Male-Extra increases blood flow to the Penis, Inside the penis, is two spongy tubes (corpus cavernosum) male-extra contains an ingredient that helps to expand these tubes and let them fill up with more blood faster by clearing all clogged arteries going to the corpus cavernosum and expanding them temporarily to ensure stronger blood flow.

Male-Extra works quickly and has been proven to help men from all ages with Erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. Male-Extra will only kick in when there is stimulation from a sexual partner but can be taking up to 4 hours before any sexual activity Recommended Dosages: Take 2 Capsules 40-60 min before any sexual event with a glass of water.

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Recommended by doctors

Male-Extra Instant Erection Pill is the answer to help men suffering from Weak Erection Power, Low Libido, Low Sex Drive, impotence or even Premature Ejaculation. It will also help guys without problems to supersize the Erection Power to take it to the next level.

Male-Extra Erection Pills works super fast and last longer than any other product. You can expect Male Extra to kick in after around 20 - 40 min. Something to remember is that you will not sit with a HARD Erection the whole 36 hours but will only kick in with stimulation from your partner. There is enough time to do foreplay and intercourse during this time. Your partner deserves it.

Male-Extra instant Erection Pills is well known by doctors all over South-Africa to help men from as early as 21 up to 90 with weak Erections, Libido and sex drive.

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100% Safe and Natural

99% of all Male Enhancement products imported from China and India are unhealthy and contain scheduled ingredients that can harm you and cause an undesirable side effect like nausea headaches and even high blood pressure. Some of these ingredients and chemical can cause heart attacks, strokes and leave you with permanent health problems that will also increase erectile dysfunction. Remember you are looking for a product that can help your Erectile dysfunctions, low libido, and sex drive and not for something that causes more damage. You should not waste your money on these products, and you can get more info from your doctor or health practitioner on info about these illegal products.

Universities did our research and homework in USA, Governmental institutes and world-class medical facilities to proof our unique 100% natural formula that brings desirable results without any harm to your body or undesirable side effects. To assure you that our product is worthy of your time and money we will give you a 100% money back guarantee should you not be satisfied or convinced in our product.
Because Male-Extra is getting tested regularly it's safe to use and suitable for men between 18 - 99 and even for men suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.





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Benefits of Male-Extra Instant

  1. Stronger Erection - Nowadays more and more men suffer from getting or maintaining an excellent healthy Erection. Your partner also desires sexual pleasure so you should ensure that your Erection should be strong enough every single time. A Great substance in Male-Extra Erection Pills helps expand the arteries going to the penis, and this will improve your performance and pleasures in bed. It's so crucial for your manhood and self-esteem that you perform every time you have sexual intercourse. You should never wonder before sexual sex or foreplay that your Erection power or performance will lack therefore take Male-Extra instant Erection pills before such time to prevent poor performance in bed.
  2. Intense Orgasm - Getting intense Orgasms will increase your partners need to have sex with you more regularly. Male-Extra will help you to achieve a good erection and will also make the tip of your penis more sensitive to help you gain more pleasure, and this will lead to Intense Orgasms for you and your partner.
  3. Higher Confidence -  For your partner to notice that you feel insecure while in bed is not healthy for any relationship. With Male-Extra you will have the confidence to perform more sessions in bed without worrying that your erection power will fade away. By having high faith with yourself and performance, your partner will automatically experience more intense orgasms without feeling the need to rush. To Boost your Self-esteem use Male Extra this will help eliminate the spot of insecurity, boost your confidence and your partner will be confident with you and this will increase the level of pleasure.

Who can use Male-Extra instant

* The older person who struggle with getting or maintaining an Erection
Male-Extra instant Erection pills will help guys of all ages to maintain a good strong Erection
Although Male-Extra instant will work for you we recommend that you use the Male-Extra Penis Enlargement kit and male extra instant combo - not only will this help in increasing size but his will help clear all clogged arteries to allow more blood flow to the Penis and will also help to relax the muscle and the tissue in the Penis

*The person who gets a normal erection but wants that extra boost
Male-Extra will help Boost your normal Erection even more with a more intense orgasm, Erection Power and stamina for your partner and you. (Cure premature ejaculation)

* The guy who gets an Erection but its to weak to Penetrate
Male-Extra will help you to get and maintain an excellent healthy erection with much more and sex drive.



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