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Male-Extra 1 Per Day

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Male Enhancement
Male Enhancement

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For men who desire frequent sex (a few times a week or more often), a once-a-day ED medication might be a better choice. Currently, there is only one medication approved for once-daily ED treatment: Male-Extra 1 PerDay, which is also approved at a higher strength for as-needed use. A once-daily option is helpful for men who always want to be ready for sex, without having to wait for an as-needed medication to start working.

Finally, Male-Extra 1 Per Day is also approved to treat an enlarged prostate. For men who have both an enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction, this treatment might be ideal..

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Male Enhancement

Why Male-Extra?

As well as being used for treating ED, Male-Extra 1 per day is also used effectively for the treatment of some benign prostrate hypertrophy symptoms, caused by the abnormal enlargement of the prostate. In treating ED, Male-Extra  1 Per day works by allowing an increased flow of arterial blood into the penis, enabling a firm erection to be maintained for a longer time than normal. It does this by stimulating the blood vessel walls to expand.

Although Male-extra 1 Per day Day helps maintain a firm and durable erection for the purposes of intercourse, it’s important to be aware of the fact that it only helps maintain an erection that has been created by sexual stimulation. It does not initiate a spontaneous erection by itself without any normal erotic input, which has to be initiated in the usual way. It does not make the penis any bigger as such, either, except in terms of swelling to its natural potential

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Benefits of Male-Extra 1 Per Day

  1. Stronger Erections in 5 Secondes - Maintaining a strong erection is a major problem that many men suffer from nowadays. Your penis should be firm enough in order to maximize the sexual pleasure your partner can get. Male-Extra contain substances that will increase the blood supply into and from your manhood for a long lasting performance in bed. Because of that. you can make sure that the intimate moments with your partner will be perfect without worrying about how to sustain your penis to stay hard. Erections are an important aspect of your sex life, so take the necessary steps to maintain and improve it even more.
  2. Intense Orgasms - Supplementing the stronger erections that you will get from taking the pills will also give you the opportunity to experience more intense orgasms. This is because these pills will enhance the head of the penis, making it more sensitive. More intense orgasms would mean a healthier sex life and a greater satisfaction for you and your partner.
  3. Higher Stamina  - Lasting longer in bed is as important as getting a stronger manhood during sex. Male-Extra erectile pills will not only boost your stamina, but increase your sex drive, as well. It will make you feel younger, too. This pill will also help you cope up with the fatigue or the feeling of tiredness you can get after your private sessions with your partner.
  4. Higher Confidence - The fact that you have a big penis or a stronger erection is enough to make you feel confident enough to show what you have in front of your partner. You can be sure that you can perform more rounds in bed. A spot of insecurity will never get into your way. Remember that good self-esteem is important when having sex. This is because you are more willing to explore and perform better if you are confident. Just make sure you are using the ideal pills like the Male-Extra erection supplements.


Male Enhancement

No more planning the when to drink a pill. After using this 1 per day i am always ready for SEX. If the wife touch...its on!

Male Enhancement

Great Pill.
Take one every day and i am ready for action just when the moment arrives

Male Enhancement

Like the product..also help to maintain my blood pressure which is great.
Erection power like i never had before. Thanks Guys

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